Springtime Soccer Weather


Its Springtime in Oklahoma!  And that means unpredictable weather.  Soccer is a sport that is played in all kinds of weather and its hard to tell just by looking at the forecast whether or not you will have a game this weekend.

Always check the BASC website for field closure information.  Whenever our field committee makes the decisions to close the fields for weather or other reasons, it will be posted on the field status page of the website.  In addition you can sign up to receive text messages about the field status.  You will receive a text whenever the status of the fields changes.

If you are already out at Indian Springs Soccer Complex and the weather turns bad, please pay attention to the Thorguard System, the automatic lightning detection system.  The Thorguard system is in two locations at the Indian Springs Soccer Complex: the city barn on the east side and the concession stand on the west side.  If Thorguard detects lightning, it will sound one long horn blast and the strobe light on top of the buildings will begin to flash.  At that time EVERYONE must clear the fields and return to their vehicles.  The system begins a 10 minute countdown.  If at the end of that countdown the conditions have cleared, the system will sound the all clear.  If the conditions have not cleared, the countdown will begin again.  No one is allowed back on the field until the all clear has sounded.  Once lightning has moved out of the area, Thorguard will sound three back to back horn blasts and the strobe light will go off.

Please click here for the complete inclement weather policy including details of the Thorguard system.

Even though soccer is a game played in all types of weather, BASC always considers the players’ safety to be of the utmost importance.  Please always pay attention to and abide by the field status and the Thorguard system to ensure safety.


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