Is Your Athlete Ready To Play?

Get in the game 3

Two important things to get your player started with fall soccer & the benefits of staying and playing in youth sports (especially soccer!)

  1. Register for the BASC fall soccer league.
  2. Register for the BASC fall conditioning camp.

Being involved in athletic experiences isn’t just about winning or losing,” says Dr. Joel Fish, Director of the Center of Sports Psychology, and author of 101 Ways to Be a Terrific Sports Parent: Making Athletics a Positive Experience for Your Child. “It’s about more important things like effort, skill-building and team participation.”

Part of being an athlete is learning how to persist through difficult tasks, especially when the going gets tough. “Sports helps kids learn techniques to deal with great pressure,” explains Fish.

Being part of a sports team helps kids develop crucial social skills. Whether they are listening to other people’s perspectives or placing the needs of the team before their own, young athletes are taught that, for a team to effectively work together, all members must respect each other’s abilities, contributions, and opinions.

There are valuable life lessons in playing team sports!  Sign your player up today to begin their new sports experience!  Register HERE!


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